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Is an innovative program that allows communities to divert food scraps and compost to folks that can use it- reducing waste to landfills and incinerators and halping one another in the process!

re:Source takes two types of food waste (and asks that you pre-sort your waste before dropping it off):

Chicken Scraps:
Our chicken flock loves food waste, but there are a few things they shouldn't or won't eat. So these are diverted to Garden Waste for the compost pile. (See a list of items below we ask you to put into a second bucket before drop off!) Our chickens love leftover cooked food, kitchen scraps like vegetable and fruit cores, even bugs you picked off your tomato plants! Instead of insecticides, consider saving them for our hens!

Garden Waste:
Things that chickens dislike (or are unsafe for them) include: coffee grounds, allium (onion, garlic etc) skins, citrus peels, avocado, potato peels or raw potato, moldy items. These items are still valuable as garden compost! Just put them in a separate bucket as you go and you can drop off BOTH types of compost here!

Questions? ask!

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