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About the School

As folks interested in resiliency, sustainability, and community- the communards at re:Source have started a school where they are producing classes, videos, and other forms of instruction in myriad lifeskills:

canning, cooking, knife skills, how to sharpen knives, baking, solar and outdoor ovens, gardening, companion and interplanting, hugelkultur, permaculture, forest farming, growing forage for livestock, pruning, chickenkeeping, duckkeeping, goosekeeping, quailkeeping, goatkeeping, raising livestock naturally, raising livestock from babies, processing animals and animal products for food, sewing, knitting, embroidery, basketmaking, carving and whittling, houseplant tending, building maintenance, building infrastructure, and much more!

Some learn with us- some classes are live and in-person, some are virtual over Zoom, others are recorded videos, and others are online self-paced classes.

We are looking to partner with other community resources to make this education readily available and widespread!

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