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Adopt a scissorbeak!

or help a whole flock!

  • Single Scissorbeak

    Every month
    the monthly cost of caring for one scissorbeak chicken
  • Handful of Hens

    Every month
    wanna give a little more?
  • Adopt an Acre!

    Every month
    Help us to plant endangered medicinals!

In our domestication of chickens, we have created deformities. One of the most common is the "scissorbeak" chicken- who has a skull deformity that shows up as they go from fuzzy lil chick to a gangly adolescent bird. Many never make it that far- as having a beak like this makes getting nourishment difficult.


In our journey caring for chickens, we have learned what these special needs birds need to succeed. Not all will lay eggs, but none need suffer with a few accommodations. Soft foods, served in a bowl instead of on the ground is often all it takes to keep these sweet hens alive, but most chicken operations are not set up to take extra time, expense, and care.

We will take in scissorbeaks regardless of their ability to lay. We will house them, care for them, trim their beaks when necessary, and feed them. You can help defray this cost by becoming a sponsor of one or more of these hens!

Shown in the foreground is Skizzy. She has taught us a lot about scissorbeak care!

Want to adopt an acre, and help us plant forest medicinals that are endangered? You can do that, too!

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