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What do we do?


re:Source is a sustainable, closed-loop farm that grows food and medicine, and raises livestock for eggs, milk, meat, pest control, food, and fertilizer.

We are the primary grower of herbs for Haven Herbs, a worker-owned herbal apothecary. We grow herbs for formulas not normally commercially available, as well as herbs best processed fresh, and herbs that Haven cannot seem to get enough of!

We grow/raise food for ourselves and sell the surplus through local markets, and restaurants. (Feel free to order for pickup at the farmer's market!)

We currently sell chicken eggs, heirloom open pollinated produce, medicinal and culinary herbs, heirloom seeds and seedlings, and cottage industry products.

We have plans for duck, goose, and quail eggs, goat milk soap, honey, beeswax (and beeswax candles) and mushrooms.

We are here to show that self sufficiency can happen on a small holding (we have 12 acres).

Want to contribute to a closed-loop system? We can use your food scraps! Go to our ShareWaste page and check out the details! If you are an arborist, we can use your untreated wood chips and would love ongoing deliveries of these!



We are a sanctuary for all kinds of wildlife:


  • We are inoculating mycelium strategically into our forest to not only grow culinary and medicinal mushrooms, but to sustain the long-term health of the soil and habitat.

  • We are scouting the land we steward to enhance its health- learning our land and what it needs.

  • We will become a United Plant Savers sanctuary, growing endangered medicinal plants in our forest and giving tours/teaching classes about medicinal plants and sustainability.


  • We plant native wildflowers for the pollinators.

  • We do not rake leaves- we encourage the natural composting of leaves and preserving the habitat fallen leaves provide for insects.

  • We aim to restore and care-take native wildlife and pollinator habitats, and build a sustainable food forest.

  • We host a scissorbeak sanctuary (for chickens with skull deformities that need extra care)- and this project is an unschooling project of our resident teenager.


Through our collaborative school, Root + Rhizome, we hold classes and create digital content on how-tos as we grow and build.

Coming soon:
installing rainbarrels and cisterns

building berms and swales
compost toilets
installing fencing
building a greenhouse

building an outdoor kitchen
goat keeping
chicken keeping

goose keeping

quail keeping
saving seeds

germination and grow stations
cooking and eating with the seasons
solar power
raising and processing meat

food forest planning
food forest management
mushroom cultivation

more in the works! These courses will be available in person as well as online!

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